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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., claiming more than 696,000 lives annually. Of these deaths, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is responsible for half — about 325,000 every year. For every minute defibrillation is delayed a victim’s chance of survival decreases by 7-10%.1 Having an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) available for use is a critical component of responding to sudden cardiac arrest. Over half the victims of the most common cause of SCA can survive when treated early with CPR and shock from a defibrillator.2

Known as an innovator and industry leader, MD Solutions International (MDSI) has been one of the first national providers of AED medical oversight and program support services since 1997. We provide medical oversight that meets federal and state regulatory compliance for hundreds of AED programs and thousands of AEDs across the United States, US Territories and Canada.

Our customizable program solutions empower a rapid response to sudden cardiac arrest. Let us work with you to meet your organizational or individual needs to reach your safety goals of being Time Zero® Ready.

AED Program Support and Defibrillator Solutions

MDSI offers comprehensive services to help you with your AED program, defibrillator, and supplies purchase.

AED Support Services

MDSI offers key service components that include medical oversight and maintenance solutions.

Defibrillators & Supplies

MDSI offers AED and supplies for all major brands and models of AEDs.


MDSI partners with your company to provide reseller opportunities for your business.

Our AED Brands

AEDs for Personal Use

AEDs for Your Home, Remote Office, Boat, or Recreation Vehicle

70% of cardiac arrests occur at home3

With four out of five cardiac arrests occurring at home, investing in an AED for your residence may save your life or the life of someone you love. Being prepared with an AED nearby and ready to use can make a difference in survival of sudden cardiac arrest or a medical emergency.

MDSI offers a Philips AED specifically designed for home or recreational environment with use for any age, including infants and children. Your AED Home Package includes everything you need to be response ready at Time Zero®!

Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

With an expected 36.2 million American employees working remotely by 2025 the case for your staff to consider an AED in their home office is significant.4 MDSI can assist in offering AEDs for personal use to fit these needs.

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